A Portrait of Friendship & Faith

You are watching the official trailer for "I'll Push You" starring lifelong friends, Justin Skeesuck and Patrick Gray, on their successful completion of the 500 mile pilgrimage, the Camino de Santiago, where Patrick pushed Justin in a wheelchair the entire way. This film is about their struggle, their friendship, and faith in themselves to accomplish the impossible.



An oldy but a goody. Some many different creatives have tried to come up with the best way to encourage people to wear their seatbelts - mainly using fear and guilt as motivators. The person that thought of this concept could not get anyone to make the ad. Nobody thought it would work. It is one of the most simple and powerful ads of all time. And the motivator? Love. 


LIVE at Festival One 2019

Rapture Ruckus 
If you were part of the magic of Rapture Ruckus' return to NZ then we're sure you'll want to relive this memory. Rapture's full set at Festival One 2018, here for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!



Who: for King & Country
"The power of music can impact our mood, emotions, our day. But when you merge the strength of music with the heart, hope and passion of the Gospel... it has the ultimate power not only to change someone's day, but to impact them for eternity. This is why we write music and sing songs - we hope that people will be moved, encouraged and stirred to live a life for Someone greater than themselves."

Strength & Beauty

Who: Citizens
Watch music video "Strength and Beauty" by Citizens. These incredible artists came to Festival One back in 2016. Let this song wash over you.


Who: John Mark Macmillan
Why: A very creative piece of song writing and video production
What: Deeply thoughtful lyrics, linked to a video shot specifically for viewing on your phone in portrait orientation! The whole album - Mercury & Lightning - is well worth a listen.



"Then the Lord said to Moses, 'See, I have chosen Bezalel son of Uri, the son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah, and I have filled him with the Spirit of God, with wisdom, with understanding, withRead more

In Celebration of Eugene Peterson

Scholar, pastor, poet and Christ-follower - Eugene Peterson moved from this life to the next on the 22nd of October. A playful thinker, Peterson was known for both crafting The Message and for hisRead more

The Joy of Tension

Tension has a bad reputation these days. We suffer from tension headaches. Bad work situations are tense. Relational tension causes loving couples to walk on proverbial eggshells.    So whenRead more


Confession time - I hate conflict. I really, really do. I know that’s not a jaw-dropping claim to make. I’m yet to meet someone who delights in personal conflict. But I have a deep, gut-churningRead more


A few weekends ago I celebrated my first wedding anniversary with a short holiday at Whangamata. After 12 months of getting to know my new wife—with all the joy and fumbling in confusion that thisRead more


So here’s the thing.  What’s the big deal with Israel? Why do so many people make such a fuss about it? Why is it so special to both the Jews and the Christians? Why does the place calledRead more


So here's the thing.  Imagine for a moment that you are God. You have just finished speaking the entire cosmos into being, including the Earth and its inhabitants. And you are pondering how youRead more

Sam Bloore | Monday Festival One 2017

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Sunday Summary | Festival One 2017

Sunday! Sun, day! A real atmosphere of community and family could be felt everywhere, from the Music Box to The Fort. Brady Toops stunned us all with a pop up set in the glass atrium, Saving GraceRead more

Saturday Summary | Festival One 2017

Saturday was, to put it simply, fun. Sam Bloore and the Festival One band kicked off the day with beautiful worship and a solid message.Read more

Friday Summary | Festival One 2017

Friday. What a day! Tents were pitched, campsites curated and sweet tunes grooved to.Read more

Graham Burt | Community

We sat down with Graham Burt for a chat about community, the beauty of being part of the festival family and the in's and out's of Festival One 2017Read more
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