Choose Any Language You Like

So here's the thing. 

Imagine for a moment that you are God. You have just finished speaking the entire cosmos into being, including the Earth and its inhabitants. And you are pondering how you want to tell these inhabitants - humans - about yourself. One of the things you are considering is that you are beyond space and time. You are infinite. However humans are finite, and so there is going to be a degree of them being unable to completely understand who you are. You are another kind of being altogether. You are God, and they are humans. 

You make some very interesting choices. You choose not tell the human race exactly where you live, other than giving it a name - Heaven. You also choose to not describe what you look like  - not at all, not even a little bit. 

And when you start telling your story, it just starts! There is no back story. No describing things to the reader -  where the story is set, who the main characters are, no map in the front of the book. The Bible simply starts. At very great speed! 

It starts by God making the entire universe and all that is in it, simply ... by ... speaking. (But that is a whole other blog on the power of true words!) 

And when you do choose to tell you story, out of all of the languages you could choose - because you could have chosen any one you like, you are God after all - you choose Hebrew. A beautiful language of symbols and shapes, where single words can be used to have multiple, important, simultaneous meanings. A language where one word can truly say a lot! 

Take the first word that God chooses to use, the first word of the whole Bible. The word is "bereishit". It is made from two Hebrew words, and together they mean - in, for, head, begin. 

We get - "In begin" and add "the" so that it is easier to read. "In the beginning ..."  

An early Hebrew reading this would have also understood the extra meanings as well. "For". That everything was made not only by God, but also for God. "Head". That God is not only the beginning, but is also the head of all things. 

God is saying he is the "beginning", the "head". That everything is held together "in" Him, and things are made "for" him. In other words - he is the infinite, creator God.

Simply put, that is the delight of telling your story in a language that has multiple meanings. A single word can truly mean many things. Especially in a beautiful language like Hebrew. 

Great choice!

I wonder why God chose to tell the New Testament part of his story in the precision of Greek? That's a whole other story!